Ahmedabad and two other campuses have running track of 400 mtr. There are different grounds for outdoor sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Badminton, and Netball. In addition, Vidyapith also has Gymnasium and Swimming pool. All these facilities are being utilised by students, staff and also by citizens.

Sadra campus has well known, well developed physical education college where B.PEd and M.PEd courses are offered. There are separate grounds for Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Football. A big Gymnasium hall of national standard prepares the students to compete at higher level. A big open stadium is also available at Sadra campus. A well facilitated indoor stadium for Tennis, Carom, and Weight lifting is also available. The impressive facilities of the physical education department including a large variety of sports and necessary equipment for students under the able guidance and supervision of highly qualified teachers acts as a positive incentive for the students

Gujarat Vidyapith have 4 Multipurpose Play Ground, 1 Tennis, 7 Volley Ball, 2 Basket Ball, 2 Hand Bal, 4 Kabaddi, 2 Kho-Kho, 3 Badminton and 1 Net Ball Courts for Indoor and Outdoor games. 2 400 meters Tracks and Fields, 2 Gymnasium and 2 Outdoor Stadium.