Gramjivan Padyatra

Since 2007, it has become tradition for Gujarat Vidyapith to organize a "Gramjivan Padyatra" on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. During this yatra, all the students and teachers of Gujarat vidyapith visit 4 different villages for 4 days and experience the village life. During their visit in each village, students try to bring awareness among villagers for cleanliness, literacy, disadvantage of addiction and advantage of village assembly, etc. They organize street plays, garba and poster exhibition etc to spread messages on social issues. Students also try to connect with villagers and understand their hardship by visiting their homes. They also visit the schools and spread messages of cleanliness, literacy etc. among children by songs, stories and plays. Students observed that each village has mixture of localities. Overall experience of the students are really good. They have enjoyed Gramjivan Padyatra. They have learned about the conditions of villagers even in 21st century and why new generation does not want to stay in villages.

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