"This is a most useful publication and will be of tremendous value to all students of Gandhi and of modern Indian history."

- Prof. Bimal Prasad,
Chairman, National Gandhi Museum, and author of "The Origins of Indian Foreign Policy: The Indian National Congress and World Affairs, 1885-1947", of "Gandhi, Nehru and J.P.: Studies in Leadership", etc.

"This very carefully prepared work includes a lavish supply of notes and references, and should serve as an important work of reference for all those interested in studying Mahatma Gandhi's life and philosophy. I for one will spend a lot of time with it. It provides fertile material for scholars who may wish to write a critical appreciation of the range and scope of the books read by Gandhiji."

- Dr. Y. P. Anand,
author of "Mahatma Gandhi and Buddhism", of "Mahatma Gandhi's 'Works' and Interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita", etc.

"Biographers of Mahatma Gandhi have often wished to know what books he read and when. A helpful list of 253 of them was made by Dharma Vir (Librarian at the National Gandhi Museum in New Delhi) and published in 1965. Ananda Pandiri expanded the number to 354 in his excellent 'Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography on Mahatma Gandhi' (1995). And now Prof. Mark Lindley and Shri Kirit Bhavsar have added more than 100 titles in a work which includes not only the evidence that Gandhi read or is likely to have read each book in question, but also citations of his opinions of them and, in an appendix, a list of some 1200 of the books that he donated to the Ahmedabad Municipal Library. The result is a splendid resource not only for Gandhi scholars but also for people who are just curious about the 'Father of the Nation.' They may well feel that they are being taken inside the mind of the Mahatma."

- S. K. Bhatnagar,
Head Librarian, National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi

-: Bibliography of Books Read by Mahatma Gandhi :-